18, from New York. I like art, quiet, nature, photography, and music. Since I was young I've enjoyed art, I love how it makes you think. How it shows beauty or leaves you in a state of awe. Art is one of the things in this world I hold close. I love the creativity of others and how art just speaks its own language that only some people can fully understand.
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"CWM Coke Works was a huge industrial coal coking factory situated on the outskirts of Beddau, in the Rhondda valleys. Built during the 1950’s and at one time a workplace to more than 1,500 individuals it has stood abandoned since its closure over a decade ago. As it awaits redevelopment, deserted, neglected interiors frame forsaken industrial equipment and traces of its former workers that bear witness to this once thriving industrial complex.
As nature continues to reclaim these industrial remains, the viewer is invited to contemplate the fragility of a space once constant human intervention becomes an absence. In a metaphorical sense, the images of these overgrown, dilapidated and closed off spaces represent a diminishing way of life for the communities of the South Wales valleys affected by the decline of the coal industry.”



Palast (France) - Textures of Time (2014)

Palast Photographie was founded in 2005 by Julien Manigand, still life photographer working in Paris, France. Thierry Peureux, retoucher, joined him in 2011. Together they develop their activity on product photography, working with high-end brands such as Baccarat, Roger Vivier or Hennessy.

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